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About us

Since 1990 STAMET spółka cywilna Dorota Król, Marta Rusin, Stanisław Stachura has been specializing in innovative technology of machining of metal parts. Our products are sold to domestic and foreign markets for the use of aerospace, automotive and military industries. STAMET has built an outstanding reputation for excellence and innovation in the machining of metal components. Through permanent investment in technology, equipment and personnel we expand our capabilities to satisfy our customers demands. Irrespectively of the amount of parts, whether it is a single part or thousands pieces placed for machining with us, STAMET spółka cywilna Dorota Król, Marta Rusin, Stanisław Stachura undertake all efforts in order to meet all quality requirements.

  • ●  EASA Part 21 subpart G
  • ●  Civil Aviation Approval
  • ●  Best quality of our product
  • ●  Technologically advanced workshop
  • ●  Well trained professionals
  • ●  Our CNC lathes and turning machines allow us both unit and series production (from 50      to several thousand pieces)
  • ●  Materials: stainless steel, aluminum alloys, plastic.
  • ●  Lead times to meet your requirements
  • ●  On-time deliveries
  • ●  Competitive pricing

Our leading principle is to ensure the best attainable quality. We believe in establishing a personal relationship with our customers, which is for us an important part in business relationship. Being a family business we all feel responsible for the contribution to success of our partners. Thus, due to personal commitments, our company earned the trust and respect from our long-term customers.

We are able to provide you with the completely finished product, including special surface treatments, which is performed for us by the certified provider of such services.

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ul. Partyzantów 21A
39-300 Mielec

tel +48 (0 17) 788 70 90 fax +48 (0 17) 788 69 23

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